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19 2013 May

Yes You May – Day 14 and 15 – Make a start and see what happens!

On Saturday I was still on a roll from my efficient and effective Friday.  I still felt great about getting lots done and I wanted to keep the momentum going.  So after a very wet early morning run with my running group, hubby and I got stuck in and re-painted our bathroom.  We’ve been putting it off for ages, waiting till we were “in the mood” to do it, but once we got stuck in, it only actually took half an day and it looks so good!012 resized

Still on a roll I finally planted lots of flowers in my tubs of dirt that have been sitting empty by the front door for a few months now.  Both these little jobs have given me so much satisfaction that I wish I had done them ages ago.  I’ve often found that when I’ve got a seemingly big job to do or one that I just can’t really be bothered doing, that if I just make a start on it no matter how small, then it’s like I get the ball rolling and I’m away.  It’s the starting of the job that is often the hardest.  I finished off the day relaxing in our secluded outdoor bath tub with a lovely glass of red…..ahhhhh…..bliss.  🙂

Sunday was family day.  I rang up my son earlier on in the week and invited ourselves out for lunch and spent time with them and our youngest granddaughter.  Spending time with family is always rewarding and always enriches my day! 🙂


17 2013 May

Yes You May – Day 13 – Be efficient and effective!

I’ve purposely put a slightly different spin on what I wanted to feel great about today.  I know that besides feeling great when I add the physical stuff to my day I also feel great when I know I’ve had a really productive day and got heaps of stuff done.  I love lists and ticking things off…sad but true….

Unfortunately I’ve found that when you work for yourself and from your home there can be a tendency to procrastinate.  There’s no-one to be accountable to but yourself.  Those nasty jobs on my to do list slip further and further down and inevitably cause me to wake in the middle of the night fretting over the fact that I STILL haven’t done them!

So today, I gave myself permission to “Be efficient and effective!”  This became my mantra for the day.  I wrote myself a new list with all those yukky nasty jobs prioritised at the top of the list.  I divided my day up into chunks of time so I had a deadline to work to.  I allowed myself 5 min at the end of every 2 hrs to check out what was happening on facebook, or send a chatty email, or do some other little reward type thing. If I felt tempted to dilly dally any longer than 5 min I’d just keep repeating my mantra, “Be efficient and effective.”  I even put off doing this blog until those prioritised jobs were done or at least had a good start on them…(I’m talking about stuff like getting my tax info sorted for my accountant.)

And now, it’s the end of my work day,  I’ve achieved heaps and I feel quite smug and self righteous AND to celebrate…. me and hubby are off down to the local pub for a few drinks.  You see I won a $50 drinks and food voucher when I put my business card into a box and now we’re off to redeem it.  Another thing to make me feel great about today. 🙂