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$50,000.00 NZD

Women’s Adventures NZ is a home-based business that can be easily operated by one person from anywhere in New Zealand with the flexibility to have it as a full time or part time business.  It has the potential to grow and have other operators also running the adventures. 

Debbie’s enthusiasm and passion for exploring and experiencing adventures led her to starting Women’s Adventures NZ in 2009.  It has since grown from small daytime adventures within the Auckland area to multi-day adventures all over New Zealand and in different countries.  

Women’s Adventures NZ promotes affordable, do-able adventures for the average woman with a basic level of fitness, who wants to try new things, meet like minded women and have some fun.  It was never about making heaps of money, it was more about providing adventures for women who didn’t have the time to organise them for themselves and didn’t always have others to do them with. 

An average year would include around 15 adventures.. The time away from home would be about 8 weeks and the administration time spent is approximately 10 hours a week over 30 weeks.

The business comes with all of the planning and processing information for the adventures, website, facebook page, database of over 2000 members, e newsletter, 8 seater sign written van and excellent goodwill. 

All support will be given with a comprehensive operations manual.  It would be beneficial for the new owner to experience a couple of adventures with Debbie to see first hand how the business operates.  There is also the option to negotiate a hand over period of time with supervisory support given if needed or wanted.. 

Women’s Adventures NZ is the ideal business for a woman who:

  • Is passionate about the outdoors and sharing it with others
  • Has excellent communication skills and the ability to empower others
  • Is a natural planner, organiser, leader and people person
  • Loves to travel and has the flexibility and lifestyle that will support this
  • Knows that the business is more about the lifestyle than the living it offers the owner 

Women’s Adventures NZ offers an exciting opportunity for the right person to step straight into a well set up business, with ready clients and plenty of  planned adventures to choose from.   

Debbie wants nothing more than to see this business grow and flourish and continue to provide a safe, friendly and empowering environment for women.

To find out more detailed information, email Debbie at  

Personal Note: The current covid related border restrictions mean that more and more women are keen to get out and explore their own country, just about all of my adventures are booked out!  The NZ travel industry is booming!   I have adventures booked up until April 2022 which is when ideally I’d like to hand over the reins.

The reason I’m selling is to spend more time having adventures with my husband and with my grandkids.