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14 2013 May

Yes You May – Day 10 – Sunrise Cycle

Sunrise Cycle 2Day 10 of giving myself permission for the month of May to do something every day that makes me feel great!  By now you may have noticed that doing physical stuff makes me feel great.  I do love the physical feel good factor. 🙂 And what I’ve noticed is that most of the time I’m only actually adding an extra half an hour, that’s all, and it makes such a huge difference on so many levels!

This morning I was up and out the door cycling off to our local Estuary cyclepath and stopping to take in the misty gentle sunrise on the way.  Sunrise Cycle 3


13 2013 May

Yes You May – Day 9 – Kayak Into The Sunrise

Arkles Sunrise 2Day 9 and what a stunning way to start the day today!  I was Arkles Sunrise 1up early loading my kayak into my van and driving down to a different bay than my usual one. I was so excited and really looking forward to this early morning kayak.  I just LOVE being on the water at this  time of the day, it is simply magical and I have so many “heart singing” moments where my heart is filled with such contentment and sheer pleasure that it brings tears to my eyes.

I paddled off from Arkles Bay in the early morning pre- dawn light.

For me this is such a ‘spiritual’ time.  I pray, I sing, I contemplate, meditate, just sit quietly out in the water and be Arkles Sunrise 3still.  It nourishes my soul and always fills me with calm.

There was a time in my life when being able to do something like this was so far away from reality it wasn’t funny.  I think that’s one of the reasons I appreciate it so much now.  I also know that for a lot of you there is just no way you’d be able to do this either.

Arkles Sunrise 4

My sunrise kayak this morning has set me up for the day and has enriched my life.  And it honestly didn’t take too much time at all.  By 8.30am I was showered, breakfasted, the gear was all cleaned up and stored away and I was ready to start my day.


13 2013 May

Yes You May – Day 8 – Learn a New Skill.

Day 8 happened to be Mother’s Day and even though my son has grown up and left the nest and I now have grandkids, I’m still a Mum so I made sure I treated myself (plus receiving cards and calls and a lovely gift.)  I also gave myself permission to NOT do any work.  I like to have at least one day in the weekend where I keep out of my office but when the spare bedroom is your office that can be difficult at times!

So the big thing I did yesterday that made me feel so chuffed with myself was……I learnt a new skill.  I learnt how to produce my own little video.  The day before my 11 year old grandson had shown me what to do and together we created yesterday’s little video clip.  So yesterday I decided to do it all by myself and I DID IT!  Now for those of you who are not technologically challenged at all, this may not seem like such a big deal, but to me (and a lot of my “baby boomer” generation) it’s pretty out there!   I got such a kick out of doing it and felt so proud of myself that I can’t wait to do another one…… watch this space! 🙂  (I didn’t put it on You Tube though as it’s virtually identical to yesterday’s one.)

11 2013 May

Yes You May, Day 7 – Be A Kid Again

Day 7 of my Yes You May blog and another big learning curve I’ve almost conquered…..putting a video on You Tube….with a lot of help from my 11 year old grandson Riley!  Today I decided to just be a kid again and go climb trees with my grandkids.  We all had lots of fun!  Check out my first ever video clip on You Tube!

10 2013 May

Day 6 – Revive a Friendship

Since starting this blog not even a week ago, I’ve been amazed at the difference already in my day to day life!  When I now wake up in the morning my first thought is, “What am I going to give myself permission to do today?”  Just that thought alone is pro-active, positive, life affirming and opens up a whole heap of possibilities!!  So much so that I’ve even started a list of all the different things that I’ve thought of that don’t take much time (often only half an hour), mostly don’t cost any money or very little money and don’t require anything more than a bit of enthusiasm!Me and Pegs resized

So today, I gave myself permission to finally get in touch with an old friend of mine.  It’s not like I haven’t wanted to as I have thought of her often, it’s more that “life” has just taken over.  She’s been living down in Christchurch and other various places and our lives had just drifted apart. So I tracked her down, got on the phone and rang her up.  Only had a chance for a quick excited chat as she was heading out the door but she’s phoning me back this afternoon. 🙂

And that’s all it took.  Deciding to do it and jolly well doing it!  And already my day feels better.

Here’s a photo of us about 12 years ago.

9 2013 May

Day 5 – Just stop will ya!

Following on from my blog from yesterday, still feeling a bit poorly but…… since starting this blog I’ve realised what a difference it makes when I look for ways to add a positive spin on each day.  I’ve become very mindful of creating moments that mIMG_20130404_113840 resizedake me feel happy……not that I’m normally not a happy person, it’s more about enriching my life just by doing some little positive thing each day.

So yesterday, my bed became my office (I’m lucky I do a lot of my work from home) and I worked and dozed and took care of myself.  Today, feeling a lot better but still not 100% I took a couple of exercise classes.  After one of them (my Active Mums class in Devonport) I shouted the mums out for a coffee to celebrate the end of their 8 week block of classes.  Part of me was thinking “I’ll just stay for a quick coffee then I better get back and catch up on my work”.

Then my “blog mind” kicked in and I thought, “Just STOP will ya!”  Enjoy spending time with these lovely young mums, stop feeling guilty that you’re not working, in the big picture of life relationships with people are more important than getting my emails cleared!

I didn’t get a photo of us all sitting at the cafe but here’s a photo of my group taken last Thursday.

8 2013 May

Day 4 – Be kind To Yourself

Woke up this morning feeling terrible, snotty nose, pounding head, scratchy throat – very unlike me!  There was going to be no early morning runs, swims, yoga etc.  Those sorts of challenges are easy for me, I like pushing myself physically, stretching out my comfy zone, trying new things to challenge myself.  What I find hard and challenging is knowing how to just  STOP!

When I thought of the day ahead and what I could do today that would make me feel great all I really wanted to do was to curl up in bed and go back to sleep.  Yet I argued and battled with myself not to do this.  I would feel guilty if I allowed myself to just rest and have a “sickie.”   The other side of me argued back, “Guilty to whom, who cares, what does it really matter in the big picture of life………. ”  Finally I decided that the thing that would make me feel great today was to give myself permission be kind to myself (without feeling guilty!)

So, not being someone who likes to do things by halves, I set myself up in bed with my book, a yummy breakfast, a big glass of hot lemon and honey, my laptop and my phone. The rain is pouring down outside………. and it feels awesome!

7 2013 May

Day 3 It’s the little things that make a difference.

099- Debbie resizedSome of my favourite sayings are, “Life is not a dress rehearsal”, If it’s to be, it’s up to me,” Where there’s a will there’s a way” and “Seize the Day!”  All great positive, pro-active and motivational type sayings.  LIVING these sayings can be quite a challenge though especially if you think you have to live a hugely exciting, out there, on the edge type of lifestyle in order to “Seize the day!”

Since starting this blog only 3 days ago I’ve found that just making little tweaks, little changes little pro-active decisions makes a big difference!  (Just 1% change a day and 3 months later you’ve made a 100% change!)  What did I do today that made me feel good about myself……I got up half an hour earlier and did some Yoga.  That’s it!  But just like my run in the rain yesterday and my swim in the sea the day before, it’s made me feel positive, alive and energised and I don’t know about you but I love starting the day feeling like that!

The key here is we don’t need to do huge amazing things to make a difference to each day.  Try doing something that may be seemingly small and insignificant to others but not to you and see what a difference it makes.

6 2013 May

Yes, you May! Day 2 Conquering the storm!

Stormy run blogOK, Day 2 of giving myself permission to do something each day that makes me feel positive, alive and good about life!

Woke up this morning to stormy wind and rain and the thought of putting on my running gear and going out for a run was not particularly appealing and to be honest, normally I would have not gone.  But, then I thought of how great I’d feel afterwards and so armed with that as my motivation, off I went.

And it was brilliant! The beach was wild, with sheets of rain being blown across the sand.  I even stopped and did park bench press ups, tricep dips and some walking lunges. Got home feeling so energised! What a great way to start the day! 🙂

5 2013 May

Yes, you May!

Debbie blogOK, so here we have my first ever blog!  How exciting, a new learning curve to climb and get over to the other side of ……what an adventure!  And that is what my daily blogs (hopefully I’ll get one done every day) are going to be about.  Adventures.  Daily adventures.

Probably to a lot of you these may seem like seemingly small, insignificant and even meaningless adventures but what I propose to do for the month of May is to add a little bit of adventure into my every day life.

Now because I run a Women’s Adventure group where I  organise exciting adventures every fortnight or so, I thought yes, that’s great but how can I encourage women to add just a bit of daily adventure into their lives?   And the way to do it is to GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to do things a bit differently, to do things you wouldn’t normally do, to “push the boat out a bit” to try new things, to try living life on the edge of your comfy zone just a bit…… That’s why I’ve called this blog that I am doing just for the month of May, “Yes, you May!

I want YOU to think of things that YOU can do that will make you feel chuffed with yourself, proud of yourself, boost your confidence a bit more, make you feel special, alive, positive, empowered etc and tell me (and others) what you’ve done. BTW, I don’t want you doing anything illegal, dangerous, stupid, rude and offensive etc.  Let’s keep it clean and positive. 🙂

Now I know it’s already May the 5th but I only just thought of doing this daily blog this morning after I had had a little adventure.  What did I do that made me feel alive this morning?  I went for a swim in the sea……… see I told you it might seem like “so what?”  But gosh I felt good!

I went for a lovely run along the beach early this morning.  The sun was shining and it was warm, especially considering we are now in May! I thought to myself that a swim would be really nice. Straight away though I started making excuses, “you haven’t got any togs on, “you’ve got no towel”, “it’s probably too cold”……….And then I just thought, “Go on, just do it!” So I did.  Off came the t’shirt and in my running bra and shorts I ran into the sea and had a lovely swim and felt so pleased with myself after.

Now I reckon, doing something every day that makes you feel great, has gotta be good for you on so many levels.  So why not join me for the month of May, give yourself permission, “yes, you May,” and let’s see what happens!



19 2013 Mar

Kepler Track Hike – Milford Sound Te Anau, New Zealand

19 2013 Mar

NZ Tramping Video

19 2013 Mar

Gracefully entering the water in snorkeling gear forwards

This clip shows a good way to enter the water while wearing snorkeling gear. By holding on to the neck strap, mask and snorkel as shown you will avoid loosing them as you enter the water. Make sure to take a big “stride” into the water rather than making a jump and landing with you feet parallel to each other.

If you are to enter the water from a small boat, you may instead want to watch the clip illustrating how to do it using a backwards roll…

19 2013 Mar

Fin swimming technique

Illustration of “regular style” swimming with fins.

19 2013 Mar

Snorkeling dive technique

This clip shows how to efficiently dive down into the water from a typical snorkeling position – lying on the surface!

19 2013 Mar

Snorkeling Tips For Beginners & Experienced

Here we share many snorkeling tips from our years of experience. These will help beginners get started, and help those with experience learn more about how to read ocean conditions.

Snorkeling is great fun, and learning how to do it in a relaxed and effortless way, with the right equipment, can enhance your enjoyment.

Be aware as you read our tips that we are not certified snorkeling instructors, just normal everyday folks, so enter the water at your own risk. Always try to get local knowledge about your snorkeling destination, and evaluate the weather and ocean conditions carefully yourself before entering the water.

Read More
19 2013 Mar

Debbies Top Tramping Tips

Independent Hiking in New Zealand

Independent hiking, tramping or walking is a very popular activity in New Zealand; something you need to consider if you are planning an overnight hike.

Throughout the New Zealand summer (December – February) and school holidays, many top tracks – especially Great Walks like the Heaphy Track, Routeburn Track, Milford Track and Abel Tasman Coastal Track – are in high demand, so it pays to book hut accommodation well in advance. Read more→

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18 2013 Mar

Safety Tips for hiking in New Zealand

Safety Tips for Hiking in New Zealand

When hiking (at any time of the year) it is important to remember that New Zealand conditions can become treacherous, so you need to be well-prepared for any change of weather or mishap!

A great resource is this site which has a wide range of resources as well as an intentions form which you should complete before heading itno the mountains.

ALWAYS check the track and weather conditions at your local Department of Conservation (DOC) centre before beginning, and let others know of your intended departure and return times. Read more→