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29 2013 May

Yes You May – Day 26 – Encourage others.

Well here it is, this is officially the last day of my month of May challenge of giving myself permission each day to do something that makes me feel great and that adds richness to my day.  Tomorrow I am up way before dawn and off to the airport to fly over to Samoa with 10 other women for 10 days, 7 of which are going to be spent cycling 200km around the island of Savaii and staying in villages on the way round.   Excited….?? You betcha!! 🙂

So today, I finished off my list of ideas that I’ve put together that might help others see ways to make your day special.  (it is by no means a complete list!)  Please feel free to add your ideas onto this blog.

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge and I’ve been amazed and the different perspective it’s given me and how enriched my life has felt this month by simply taking the time to proactively add value to my day.  I encourage you to give it go too.  It doesn’t even have to be every day but at least 3 times a week I reckon, or it probably won’t happen.

Give Yourself Permission To:


Get up half an hour earlier and:

Go for a walk/run/bike ride somewhere you don’t normally go

Jump in your car, (pop your bike in the back,) and go somewhere further away and explore a new area for a bike ride/walk/run

Do some yoga (get a DVD out from the library to follow)

Get a DVD out from the library and do an Aerobics type workout (Step, Kettlebell, dance etc)

Spend half an hour sitting quietly, focus on your breathing and then choose a thought to reflect/meditate on like; forgiveness, compassion, honesty, grace, loyalty, friendship……

Write a daily journal and include at least one thing that you did the day before that you are proud of and one thing you’d like to focus on for this day

Meet a friend for breakfast at a local café

Go to your local gym and do an early morning class

Join a boot camp

Go for an early morning swim

Stop at a café on the way to work and spend half an hour planning and prioritising your day


If you’ve got young kids or nieces, nephews, grandkids…….

Play hide and seek outside somewhere or inside….in the dark

Have a picnic tea on the living room floor (with no TV)

Pretend there’s no power and have a candlelight evening

Make a treasure hunt

Build huts (inside or outside)

Climb trees

Go exploring

There’s loads of things you could do with kids, just let your imagination run wild and BE a kid again!


Do something different in the evenings: (instead of watching TV)

Go for a walk around your neighbourhood

Play cards or some other game

Go skinny dipping on a moonlit night

Wade through the sea at night and watch all the phosphorescence

Play in the playground (when there’s no kids around)

Go to the movies

Join a club/group/night class and learn something new

Be creative; draw, knit, sew, sculpt, bake, write stories/poems




Phone family/friends and actually talk (not text or email)

Pamper yourself; have a facial, footbath, do your nails, your hair…

Share a massage

Sort through your photos, your files, your wardrobe, your drawers, your boxes of “stuff”

Invite friends around for a pot luck dinner

Go out somewhere cheap and cheerful for dinner (where you’ve never been before)



Make little tweaks to your day:

Drive a different way to work/school/wherever

Take some time to sit and a café and read the paper

Give yourself half an hour to check out that shop/museum/library/art gallery/café/park/garden centre/beach/reserve/walkway/show home…….

Purposely get yourself lost on a walk/run/drive and find your way out without any help

Buy yourself a little treat just because; flowers/magazine/book/nice bottle of wine/ chocolates/CD

Start using stuff you’ve been “saving”; that body lotion/soap/perfume/underwear/etc that you got for Xmas/birthday

De-clutter! (This could be a blog of its own!) De-clutter your wardrobe for a start and get rid of stuff that you no longer wear, or looks a bit shabby, is dated, the wrong colour for you …..Be ruthless!

Try a new recipe at least once a month

Change your daily routine just a bit

Get in touch with old friends

Give yourself a focus for each day eg; to smile more, to listen to others more, to appreciate the little things, to laugh, to be more gracious/patient/kind/loving etc


Do some big stuff! Give yourself permission to LIVE YOUR LIFE OUT LOUD!

Set yourself a “sweaty armpit” challenge that both scares and excites you, and do it!

Some examples could be:


Do a skydive, a bungee jump, white water rafting, high ropes course, abseiling, caving, canyoning (choose from some of my adventures on this website J) or some other adrenaline pumping adventure


Ditch a bad relationship, if it’s not working for you and you’re not happy, get out.

If it’s worth working on then talk, get counselling do whatever it takes so you know that you’ve given it your all……

Try online dating, speed dating, join a singles club –



If you’re not happy in your job/career then start the ball rolling now, start looking/planning when/how to change it

Do your research, get the help/advice/training/education you need

Talk to people who have the job/career you want and ask them about it

See a career consultant

Read “What Colour is Your Parachute” (an oldie but a goodie.)


Go on….give some of these a go or come up with your own ideas…’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!!

28 2013 May

Yes You May – Days 21 to 24 –

It’s been a few days since I’ve written my “daily” blog…….   But each day I’ve made sure that I’ve done something that will make my day feel that little bit more special and each day through having this as my main focus I have found out more about myself.   Read below to find out what I ended up doing….

Day 21 – Yes you may celebrate yourself!

It was early Saturday morning just after 6am and I was up and getting ready to meet up with my running group “GoldP1000791 Resizedingham’s Girls” to do a 10km run in the Northcote Point area.  (One of my favourite areas of Auckland.)  We drove off in my van down the motorway, parked at Onepoto Domain and off we set.  I took off at the front with my chalk to draw arrows for the rest of the group to follow.  It was a gorgeous run, we ran down streets and walkways that we never knew existed, marvelling at all these beautiful old villas, we ran under the harbour bridge on ramp, through parks and reserves……

And as I ran I was thinking about what I was going to give myself permission to do that day to make it special….imagine that!  Then of course I realised that what I was doing right then was pretty blimmin special, but to push out the boat a bit more on myself I decided as I ran along to celebrate myself.  Now, this is not always that easy for us to do.  Often we find it easier to identify our faults not what we’re proud of.  We are often guilty of the “tall poppy syndrome” to ourselves.    But as I ran along feeling fit and strong I decided to acknowledge and congratulate myself for that –  and then I started listing off other things big and small that I had achieved  that I felt proud of and I really allowed that feeling of personal celebration to sift down into my inner most being and stay there.

Day 22 – Yes you may ……

OK, I admit it……. I found it hard today to come up with something special, something different, something that I was giving myself permission to do,  feel, express, learn or experience that I maybe wouldn’t normally do.  In fact I started putting a bit of pressure on myself, like, come on, you’ve GOT to enjoy this day!  What are you going to put in your blog then?  Accountability is a great motivator but it can also be a source of stress too which kind of negates the whole premise behind this blog.  Throughout the day as we had a lovely long breakfast with my sister at a local cafe, (in Northcote Point) as I shopped for last minute things to take over to Samoa, (I leave on Thursday) as I lay on the couch with my feet up reading my book, as Derek and I “judged” the X factor contestants together….. I was thinking “hmmm, this feels pretty nice, this feels special, and this feels good but is it really worth writing a blog about…..?

Day 23 – Yes you may harden up!

Now I know I’ve said quite a few times in this Yes You May blog that I enjoy exercising in the early morning002s and that is true for most of the time…. but…..there are times like this morning when I didn’t want to get up.  I had done all my little motivating strategies like getting my exercise gear out the night before, planning my route where I was going to cycle, visualising myself out on my bike feeling fit and strong, visualising myself getting home and how great I’d feel and it still wasn’t working.

I knew I wasn’t sick, tired, sore or anything like that.  Mentally I didn’t feel like I needed to “give myself a break.”  I knew I just needed to “harden up.”  Over the years I have learnt (and am still learning) how to let my mind control my body and not the other way round.  I have learnt that my body, my attitude, my emotions will believe what I tell them to believe, if I say it with conviction.  And the more I say it, the more my body etc goes along with it.  So, harden up I did.  On went my jacket and out into the drizzly rain I went on my bike.  I gave myself permission to go out for at least 20 min and ended up out for double that and yes……once again my mind was right. I did feel awesome when I got home. 🙂

Day 24 Yes you may try something new!

Another wet early morning start.  This morning I was determined to do something completely new, to try an exercise class that I’d never done before.  We’re very lucky in that we live just around the corner from the local Leisure Centre.  The darpm classy before I had booked myself in for the 6am RPM (or Spin) class.  I hadn’t ever bothered with RPM before because I have a bit of an aversion to cardio machines as I think, why be inside rowing, cycling,  running , cross training on a stationary piece of equipment with loud music blasting and big TV screens on when I could be outside in the fresh air enjoying the sounds and smells of the early morning (read one of my previous blogs “Maximise the Moment and you’ll get where I’m coming from.)

But some women from my running group had raved about the classes so I decided to give it go.  WOW!…. talk about a heart pumping, sweat pouring, jelly legged workout!!  It was great!  There we were pumping our legs as hard and fast as we could to Billy Idol blasting out “With a rebel yell she cried more more more!”  What a way to start the day!  I don’t think it’s my thing to do it all the time but it certainly is a damn good workout and it’s made my day. 🙂



24 2013 May

Yes You May! Day 19 and 20 – Add some value to your day!

Day 19 of giving myself permission, “yes, you May,” to do something each day for the month of May, that will make me feel great.  I didn’t get a chance yesterday to do this blog as I was back on “nana duty.”  During the day though I was thinking of what I could do, what was something I could add to my day that wouldn’t take up a huge amount of time (as I didn’t have much of that yestbath 204erday), wouldn’t cost money and would add value to my day.  I discussed it with my husband and still hadn’t really thought of anything….I’d already cooked up a really nice meal as a treat but still felt like I could do something else…..

I had an exercise class to take at 5pm so off I went.  When I got back home it was dark and raining just slightly.  My wonderful husband had run a lovely hot bath in our outdoor bath for us with with a big glass of red waiting for me!  We sat in the bath, caught up on each others day, drank our wine as the soft misty rain fell on our faces and it was just perfect……!  (I didn’t get a photo of us in the bath…probably just as well…but here’s one of our bath on a sunny day.)

Today…..well after spending all day in my office catching up on a backlog of work as soon as I finish this blog I’m off down the beach for a late afternoon walk which I am soooo looking forward to!




22 2013 May

Yes You May – Days 17 and 18 – Give time to what really matters.

Well I’ve just had a taste of what it’s like to be a busy mum at home with sick kids ……!!  I’ve been on “nana duty” yesterday and today and I realise how difficult it can be to try and create great moments when you’re busy catering to the needs of sick kiddies.

However, through doing this blog and therefore having the thought of creating great moments constantly on my mind, I loo261018_571109953_2294773_nked for ways to make my time with my grandkids special.  Given that they weren’t up to doing much at all on account of feeling sick, I spent time reading stories, watching a DVD all the way through with them, (instead of leaving them plonked in front of it while I worked) building a lego zoo and cooking up their favourite foods to tempt their little appetites.

After they were gone I spent some time relaxing with hubby and then heading off to bed early with a good book.  I don’t know about you, but that for me is bliss…..!

No, I didn’t get my work done, yes, everything was put on hold and yes I got up real early this morning to do some catch up but I wouldn’t have had it any other way and yes, it felt great to spend that quality time with my grandkids.


20 2013 May

Yes You May – Day 16 – Maximise the Moment!

Maximising the moment, squeezing all the juice out of it, BEING totally in the moment, being present…..this is what I gave myself permission to do today.

I LOVE my early morning exercising.  I love the gentle soft pre-dawn light, I love the sound of the birds waking up, I love the clean freshness of the early morning.  I love the ease of just rolling out of bed, throwing on my exercise clothes and within minutes I’m out the door either on my bike, my kayak,  running,  tramping, swimming…..

This morning I decided to practice being totally in the moment with all my senses (except maybe for taste) being highly attuned to that present moment.  As I ran along one of my favourite runs, (if your a local “coastie” you’ll know it – up Scott Rd, into Wade River Rd and down to where the boats are moored) and I asked myself these questions;

What can you hear?  I listened intently to all the different bird calls trying to identify what bird was making which sound , the distance hum of traffic, the sound of the wSunrise boatsater lapping, the sound of my feet running, my breathing….

What can you smell? Ahhhhh…….breathing in deeply I savoured the earthly richness as I ran through the bush area, the faint eucalyptus smell of the gum trees planted nearby, the almost peppery smell of the vegetation and the delicious salty briney tang as I ran down the hill to the little bay…all heightened by the early morning freshness.

What can you see?  I allowed my eyes to roam further, to look deeper, to notice the way the early morning light infused the air with a delicate golden hue which in turn heightened and enriched the natural colours so that they glowed.  I noticed textures, the white silkiness of the trunks and branches of the gum trees, the shapes of branches splayed against the sky, the pink clouds reflected in the milky blue sea……

And most importantly, what do you feel?  I stopped to drink in the view, to absorb the moment, to feel the beauty in my soul, to allow myself to just BE and my eyes welled up as I was overcome with such a feeling of contentment, joy and calmness.  At the moment a woman walked past and looked over at me, “so beautiful isn’t it” I said.  “Yes, she replied, “such a lovely way to start the day.”   I felt like going over to her and hugging her!

John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans.”  By being aware of maximising moments in your life, squeezing the juice out of them, BEING totally in the moment, you are ensuring you are really LIVING your life.

19 2013 May

Yes You May – Day 14 and 15 – Make a start and see what happens!

On Saturday I was still on a roll from my efficient and effective Friday.  I still felt great about getting lots done and I wanted to keep the momentum going.  So after a very wet early morning run with my running group, hubby and I got stuck in and re-painted our bathroom.  We’ve been putting it off for ages, waiting till we were “in the mood” to do it, but once we got stuck in, it only actually took half an day and it looks so good!012 resized

Still on a roll I finally planted lots of flowers in my tubs of dirt that have been sitting empty by the front door for a few months now.  Both these little jobs have given me so much satisfaction that I wish I had done them ages ago.  I’ve often found that when I’ve got a seemingly big job to do or one that I just can’t really be bothered doing, that if I just make a start on it no matter how small, then it’s like I get the ball rolling and I’m away.  It’s the starting of the job that is often the hardest.  I finished off the day relaxing in our secluded outdoor bath tub with a lovely glass of red…..ahhhhh…..bliss.  🙂

Sunday was family day.  I rang up my son earlier on in the week and invited ourselves out for lunch and spent time with them and our youngest granddaughter.  Spending time with family is always rewarding and always enriches my day! 🙂


17 2013 May

Yes You May – Day 13 – Be efficient and effective!

I’ve purposely put a slightly different spin on what I wanted to feel great about today.  I know that besides feeling great when I add the physical stuff to my day I also feel great when I know I’ve had a really productive day and got heaps of stuff done.  I love lists and ticking things off…sad but true….

Unfortunately I’ve found that when you work for yourself and from your home there can be a tendency to procrastinate.  There’s no-one to be accountable to but yourself.  Those nasty jobs on my to do list slip further and further down and inevitably cause me to wake in the middle of the night fretting over the fact that I STILL haven’t done them!

So today, I gave myself permission to “Be efficient and effective!”  This became my mantra for the day.  I wrote myself a new list with all those yukky nasty jobs prioritised at the top of the list.  I divided my day up into chunks of time so I had a deadline to work to.  I allowed myself 5 min at the end of every 2 hrs to check out what was happening on facebook, or send a chatty email, or do some other little reward type thing. If I felt tempted to dilly dally any longer than 5 min I’d just keep repeating my mantra, “Be efficient and effective.”  I even put off doing this blog until those prioritised jobs were done or at least had a good start on them…(I’m talking about stuff like getting my tax info sorted for my accountant.)

And now, it’s the end of my work day,  I’ve achieved heaps and I feel quite smug and self righteous AND to celebrate…. me and hubby are off down to the local pub for a few drinks.  You see I won a $50 drinks and food voucher when I put my business card into a box and now we’re off to redeem it.  Another thing to make me feel great about today. 🙂

16 2013 May

Yes You May! – Days 11 and 12 – It doesn’t take much.

Both yesterday and today were busy, busy mornings and I didn’t get to get out in the early morning for my usual sunrise exercise that makes me feel so good.  And, I must admit I was struggling to think of what I could fit into my day that was a bit different and would make my day a bit more special.

What I decided on for yesterday made me realise that 1. how privileged I am to be able to do this and 2. how demotivational-posters-determinationso may people do this every day and probably don’t think anything of it.  What did I do……..?  I decided that on my way home from taking my Active Mums exercise class that I would stop at a cafe for just half and hour and treat myself to lunch.  Now I’m a packed lunch type of gal so this was quite a treat!  While eating my lunch I caught up on magazine gossip from December last year…they really need to update their magazines!  It was a lovely little break in my day to recharge my batteries and treat myself.

Today, following along with my theme from yesterday that it doesn’t take much, I decided instead of driving up to post my mail and do some banking, that I would take half an hour out of my day and walk up in the fresh air and sunshine.  So I did and came back feeling just great!

Life/Work balance is so important and it is very easy to allow our days to get busier and busier until it seems that there is no way out.  But there is!  Hopefully what this blog is showing is that once you set your mind to looking for ways to get a bit of balance in your life and if you are commited to doing just that then, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” And…..It doesn’t take much! 🙂

14 2013 May

Yes You May – Day 10 – Sunrise Cycle

Sunrise Cycle 2Day 10 of giving myself permission for the month of May to do something every day that makes me feel great!  By now you may have noticed that doing physical stuff makes me feel great.  I do love the physical feel good factor. 🙂 And what I’ve noticed is that most of the time I’m only actually adding an extra half an hour, that’s all, and it makes such a huge difference on so many levels!

This morning I was up and out the door cycling off to our local Estuary cyclepath and stopping to take in the misty gentle sunrise on the way.  Sunrise Cycle 3


13 2013 May

Yes You May – Day 9 – Kayak Into The Sunrise

Arkles Sunrise 2Day 9 and what a stunning way to start the day today!  I was Arkles Sunrise 1up early loading my kayak into my van and driving down to a different bay than my usual one. I was so excited and really looking forward to this early morning kayak.  I just LOVE being on the water at this  time of the day, it is simply magical and I have so many “heart singing” moments where my heart is filled with such contentment and sheer pleasure that it brings tears to my eyes.

I paddled off from Arkles Bay in the early morning pre- dawn light.

For me this is such a ‘spiritual’ time.  I pray, I sing, I contemplate, meditate, just sit quietly out in the water and be Arkles Sunrise 3still.  It nourishes my soul and always fills me with calm.

There was a time in my life when being able to do something like this was so far away from reality it wasn’t funny.  I think that’s one of the reasons I appreciate it so much now.  I also know that for a lot of you there is just no way you’d be able to do this either.

Arkles Sunrise 4

My sunrise kayak this morning has set me up for the day and has enriched my life.  And it honestly didn’t take too much time at all.  By 8.30am I was showered, breakfasted, the gear was all cleaned up and stored away and I was ready to start my day.


13 2013 May

Yes You May – Day 8 – Learn a New Skill.

Day 8 happened to be Mother’s Day and even though my son has grown up and left the nest and I now have grandkids, I’m still a Mum so I made sure I treated myself (plus receiving cards and calls and a lovely gift.)  I also gave myself permission to NOT do any work.  I like to have at least one day in the weekend where I keep out of my office but when the spare bedroom is your office that can be difficult at times!

So the big thing I did yesterday that made me feel so chuffed with myself was……I learnt a new skill.  I learnt how to produce my own little video.  The day before my 11 year old grandson had shown me what to do and together we created yesterday’s little video clip.  So yesterday I decided to do it all by myself and I DID IT!  Now for those of you who are not technologically challenged at all, this may not seem like such a big deal, but to me (and a lot of my “baby boomer” generation) it’s pretty out there!   I got such a kick out of doing it and felt so proud of myself that I can’t wait to do another one…… watch this space! 🙂  (I didn’t put it on You Tube though as it’s virtually identical to yesterday’s one.)

11 2013 May

Yes You May, Day 7 – Be A Kid Again

Day 7 of my Yes You May blog and another big learning curve I’ve almost conquered…..putting a video on You Tube….with a lot of help from my 11 year old grandson Riley!  Today I decided to just be a kid again and go climb trees with my grandkids.  We all had lots of fun!  Check out my first ever video clip on You Tube!

10 2013 May

Day 6 – Revive a Friendship

Since starting this blog not even a week ago, I’ve been amazed at the difference already in my day to day life!  When I now wake up in the morning my first thought is, “What am I going to give myself permission to do today?”  Just that thought alone is pro-active, positive, life affirming and opens up a whole heap of possibilities!!  So much so that I’ve even started a list of all the different things that I’ve thought of that don’t take much time (often only half an hour), mostly don’t cost any money or very little money and don’t require anything more than a bit of enthusiasm!Me and Pegs resized

So today, I gave myself permission to finally get in touch with an old friend of mine.  It’s not like I haven’t wanted to as I have thought of her often, it’s more that “life” has just taken over.  She’s been living down in Christchurch and other various places and our lives had just drifted apart. So I tracked her down, got on the phone and rang her up.  Only had a chance for a quick excited chat as she was heading out the door but she’s phoning me back this afternoon. 🙂

And that’s all it took.  Deciding to do it and jolly well doing it!  And already my day feels better.

Here’s a photo of us about 12 years ago.

9 2013 May

Day 5 – Just stop will ya!

Following on from my blog from yesterday, still feeling a bit poorly but…… since starting this blog I’ve realised what a difference it makes when I look for ways to add a positive spin on each day.  I’ve become very mindful of creating moments that mIMG_20130404_113840 resizedake me feel happy……not that I’m normally not a happy person, it’s more about enriching my life just by doing some little positive thing each day.

So yesterday, my bed became my office (I’m lucky I do a lot of my work from home) and I worked and dozed and took care of myself.  Today, feeling a lot better but still not 100% I took a couple of exercise classes.  After one of them (my Active Mums class in Devonport) I shouted the mums out for a coffee to celebrate the end of their 8 week block of classes.  Part of me was thinking “I’ll just stay for a quick coffee then I better get back and catch up on my work”.

Then my “blog mind” kicked in and I thought, “Just STOP will ya!”  Enjoy spending time with these lovely young mums, stop feeling guilty that you’re not working, in the big picture of life relationships with people are more important than getting my emails cleared!

I didn’t get a photo of us all sitting at the cafe but here’s a photo of my group taken last Thursday.

8 2013 May

Day 4 – Be kind To Yourself

Woke up this morning feeling terrible, snotty nose, pounding head, scratchy throat – very unlike me!  There was going to be no early morning runs, swims, yoga etc.  Those sorts of challenges are easy for me, I like pushing myself physically, stretching out my comfy zone, trying new things to challenge myself.  What I find hard and challenging is knowing how to just  STOP!

When I thought of the day ahead and what I could do today that would make me feel great all I really wanted to do was to curl up in bed and go back to sleep.  Yet I argued and battled with myself not to do this.  I would feel guilty if I allowed myself to just rest and have a “sickie.”   The other side of me argued back, “Guilty to whom, who cares, what does it really matter in the big picture of life………. ”  Finally I decided that the thing that would make me feel great today was to give myself permission be kind to myself (without feeling guilty!)

So, not being someone who likes to do things by halves, I set myself up in bed with my book, a yummy breakfast, a big glass of hot lemon and honey, my laptop and my phone. The rain is pouring down outside………. and it feels awesome!

7 2013 May

Day 3 It’s the little things that make a difference.

099- Debbie resizedSome of my favourite sayings are, “Life is not a dress rehearsal”, If it’s to be, it’s up to me,” Where there’s a will there’s a way” and “Seize the Day!”  All great positive, pro-active and motivational type sayings.  LIVING these sayings can be quite a challenge though especially if you think you have to live a hugely exciting, out there, on the edge type of lifestyle in order to “Seize the day!”

Since starting this blog only 3 days ago I’ve found that just making little tweaks, little changes little pro-active decisions makes a big difference!  (Just 1% change a day and 3 months later you’ve made a 100% change!)  What did I do today that made me feel good about myself……I got up half an hour earlier and did some Yoga.  That’s it!  But just like my run in the rain yesterday and my swim in the sea the day before, it’s made me feel positive, alive and energised and I don’t know about you but I love starting the day feeling like that!

The key here is we don’t need to do huge amazing things to make a difference to each day.  Try doing something that may be seemingly small and insignificant to others but not to you and see what a difference it makes.

6 2013 May

Yes, you May! Day 2 Conquering the storm!

Stormy run blogOK, Day 2 of giving myself permission to do something each day that makes me feel positive, alive and good about life!

Woke up this morning to stormy wind and rain and the thought of putting on my running gear and going out for a run was not particularly appealing and to be honest, normally I would have not gone.  But, then I thought of how great I’d feel afterwards and so armed with that as my motivation, off I went.

And it was brilliant! The beach was wild, with sheets of rain being blown across the sand.  I even stopped and did park bench press ups, tricep dips and some walking lunges. Got home feeling so energised! What a great way to start the day! 🙂

5 2013 May

Yes, you May!

Debbie blogOK, so here we have my first ever blog!  How exciting, a new learning curve to climb and get over to the other side of ……what an adventure!  And that is what my daily blogs (hopefully I’ll get one done every day) are going to be about.  Adventures.  Daily adventures.

Probably to a lot of you these may seem like seemingly small, insignificant and even meaningless adventures but what I propose to do for the month of May is to add a little bit of adventure into my every day life.

Now because I run a Women’s Adventure group where I  organise exciting adventures every fortnight or so, I thought yes, that’s great but how can I encourage women to add just a bit of daily adventure into their lives?   And the way to do it is to GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to do things a bit differently, to do things you wouldn’t normally do, to “push the boat out a bit” to try new things, to try living life on the edge of your comfy zone just a bit…… That’s why I’ve called this blog that I am doing just for the month of May, “Yes, you May!

I want YOU to think of things that YOU can do that will make you feel chuffed with yourself, proud of yourself, boost your confidence a bit more, make you feel special, alive, positive, empowered etc and tell me (and others) what you’ve done. BTW, I don’t want you doing anything illegal, dangerous, stupid, rude and offensive etc.  Let’s keep it clean and positive. 🙂

Now I know it’s already May the 5th but I only just thought of doing this daily blog this morning after I had had a little adventure.  What did I do that made me feel alive this morning?  I went for a swim in the sea……… see I told you it might seem like “so what?”  But gosh I felt good!

I went for a lovely run along the beach early this morning.  The sun was shining and it was warm, especially considering we are now in May! I thought to myself that a swim would be really nice. Straight away though I started making excuses, “you haven’t got any togs on, “you’ve got no towel”, “it’s probably too cold”……….And then I just thought, “Go on, just do it!” So I did.  Off came the t’shirt and in my running bra and shorts I ran into the sea and had a lovely swim and felt so pleased with myself after.

Now I reckon, doing something every day that makes you feel great, has gotta be good for you on so many levels.  So why not join me for the month of May, give yourself permission, “yes, you May,” and let’s see what happens!