Woke up this morning feeling terrible, snotty nose, pounding head, scratchy throat – very unlike me!  There was going to be no early morning runs, swims, yoga etc.  Those sorts of challenges are easy for me, I like pushing myself physically, stretching out my comfy zone, trying new things to challenge myself.  What I find hard and challenging is knowing how to just  STOP!

When I thought of the day ahead and what I could do today that would make me feel great all I really wanted to do was to curl up in bed and go back to sleep.  Yet I argued and battled with myself not to do this.  I would feel guilty if I allowed myself to just rest and have a “sickie.”   The other side of me argued back, “Guilty to whom, who cares, what does it really matter in the big picture of life………. ”  Finally I decided that the thing that would make me feel great today was to give myself permission be kind to myself (without feeling guilty!)

So, not being someone who likes to do things by halves, I set myself up in bed with my book, a yummy breakfast, a big glass of hot lemon and honey, my laptop and my phone. The rain is pouring down outside………. and it feels awesome!

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